Luxury Apartments, Townhomes and Condos & Commercial Properties in NJ

Since its founding in 1992, Edgewood Properties has established itself as a leading real estate development and property management company. With corporate headquarters in New Jersey, the company is on a course of growth leading to activities across the nation with many luxury properties already in New Jersey, Florida and California. Edgewood was created by real estate entrepreneurs who own and manage the company and bring hands-on approaches to all the projects they develop, lease and manage. The principals of Edgewood Properties have a proud family tradition of providing home buyers with outstanding quality, superior design and unsurpassed customer service by offering luxury townhomes, apartments, condos and more. Commercial development, retail and office clientele receive the same expertise, the same attention to detail and the same expansive vision that has established Edgewood Properties in the residential market.

Edgewood attributes its strength and growth to a conservative philosophy. Its properties are well positioned for sustained success; Edgewood has utilized its own cash and equity and is virtually debt-free. The company's independence guarantees its ability to act quickly and efficiently, and enables the principals to remain closely involved in each property. In a continuous endeavor to fund its own projects, Edgewood's principals provide the company with tremendous financial strength that is required to be competitive with - and outperform - public companies within the industry. With a large portfolio of successful commercial properties, Edgewood continues to deliver outstanding commercial property leases in NJ, CA and FL. If you would like more information about commercial leases or residential properties like luxury townhomes, please call (732)985-1900 and we will be happy to speak with you.