Acquisitions: Commercial Properties for Lease in NJ

Since 1992, Edgewood Properties has had the goal of acquiring raw land for residential and commercial developments and redeveloping of existing residential and commercial real estate properties. The company has expanded its business base from these original goals, but still remains active in the acquisition of property to continually serve our clients.

The company's target areas for residential and commercial properties for lease are New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Florida and California. Acquisitions considered consist of shopping centers, residential, industrial properties, drug store locations and other development opportunities. Through market experience and aggressive research, the management team at Edgewood Properties is certain to select prime properties for development or redevelopment, and exploit the favorable market conditions which exist. They do this by taking advantage of the window of opportunities created through the lag between market pricing and market demand created by its growth.

Edgewood Properties' concept is to identify and procure properties for development or re-development. Once acquired, the properties are managed by us to maximize the goals specific to each property. Some properties are held for short periods of no more than one year to realize asset appreciation from re-development. Other properties are held for periods of three to five years to assure that new developments have matured sufficiently to garner an equitable profit. Additionally, mature properties in the portfolio are maintained for periods longer than five years as sources for streams of income and equity appreciation.

Commercial real estate properties that will be considered for possible inclusion in the asset portfolio are raw land, luxury townhomes, apartments, offices, and industrial sites. To be considered as a possible candidate for inclusion in the portfolio, the commercial or residential property must meet the following criteria:

  • 50 units or more
  • Possible conversions to condominiums and sales
  • Sites on the edge of industrial zones which would need to be rezoned and converted to housing or retail uses
  • Capable of leaving tenant in place while getting approvals
  • Minimum of 1.5 acres
  • Strong corners with traffic light
  • Either raw land or approved project sites
  • Development opportunities for all types of properties listed above
  • Will consider joint venture possibilities

Fast Closing
We have the ability to close a deal within 30-days of a commitment.

Fast Answers
Quick response to the brokerage community on whether or not Edgewood is interested in a site (usually within a weeks time).

Capable of dealing with a long approval period and have the where with all to not give up. Our team has the capability to evaluate properties and come up with creative solutions to address sellers concerns.

Cash Availability
We are well capitalized and have funds immediately available to close without the need for financing.