Commercial Property for Lease

Edgewood Properties has developed, and continues to develop, many communities with pedestrian-friendly shopping centers and plazas throughout New Jersey, Florida and California. Through their full-service construction arm, they are developing over 3 million square feet of commercial property in these states.

Edgewood Properties has created a premier portfolio of diverse commercial properties, strategically located in vibrant, densely populated, profitable markets. The company’s broad experience, market savvy and depth of resources has equipped Edgewood Properties with a unique expertise when it comes to choosing and building in strategically targeted geographic areas. The company enjoys – and is uniquely equipped to handle – the toughest of projects, with a strong track record of successfully overcoming the most challenging barriers to entry in a market.

For more information contact:

Joseph D. Morris
Cell: 732.864.7942

Richard Schulz
Cell: 973.713.4925

Michael McDermott
Cell: 407.552.1043